Giant PowerFit

Do you want to improve your experience on the bike?

Are you getting issues such as a sore back, knees, or shoulders? Are you struggling to keep up with the group ride or want to win races? We can help improve your comfort, speed, power, and control on the bike.

There is no magic formula on getting the fit right, everybody is individual. We all have different bodies and different goals so an individualised and accommodating bike fit is the best way to improve your experience on the bike.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how good your bike is, if your bike doesn’t fit you then you will be unable to perform at your potential and most importantly you could be at risk of injury.


No aches, pains, or numbness on the bike.


Feel more relaxed on the bike, allowing you to adapt to changes in the environment.


Ride faster and ride further, for no extra effort.


Climb with more ease and be more efficient. Enjoy those hills and have more energy at the end of a ride.

Bike Fit Room Prices

Bike Fit - £100 (2nd bike £120)

Extra charges for Hydraulic Hoses and Internally Routed cables - £40 per hour (plus parts)

Cleat Fit - £10

We can also offer fits on our Wattbike so we can get you fitted to your bike before you have even got it. That way the day you pick your bike up it is ready to go with no changes needed.