CyclingTips Praises "Impressively Light and Efficient" XtC Advanced SL 29

04 March 2020

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CyclingTips posted a review of the 2020 XtC Advanced SL 29 XC machine, which features an updated composite frame that’s 200 grams lighter than its predecessor and is, according to tester Dave Rome, “a very good hardtail indeed.”

The review of the XtC Advanced SL 29, which also includes a video feature, details all of the new updates to this lightweight racer, including its lower weight, updated frame geometry and Giant XCR 1 Composite WheelSystem that comes set up with tubeless tires.

“With its low weight and high stiffness, this bike begs you to rip into a corner, throw up a cinematic-friendly amount of dust, and then get hard on the gas to disappear before that dirty cloud does,” Rome wrote. “The XTC loves, almost begs, to be ridden with aggression, and it’s in its element when you’re out of the saddle and trying to rip the handlebar in a different direction of the cranks.”

Rome also noted that the new model has added compliance for a smoother ride compared to the previous XtC Advanced 29. “By comparison, the new bike is more compliant and planted, and I don’t feel like I’m forced from the saddle as much as I did with its predecessor,”he wrote.

Summing up his impressions, Rome praised the XtC Advanced SL 29 for being “impressively light and efficient [with] well-rounded racing geometry, and durable and race-ready component specification.”

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